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Ellacartransf is
ELLACAR TOURISM TRADE LTD. Antalya Airport V. D 332 085 5258 tax office and Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry registered 102080 no.

Ellacartransfer, telephone number (+90) 242 463 10 13) and e-mail address ellarentacar@hotmail.com.
every customer who is a member of our internet site and who is shopping is considered to have read and accept all of the following sales contracts prepared by us at the Buyer without needing another notice!

Ellacartrans reserves the right to change any conditions and information available on the site and site extensions, including contractual terms, without prior notice.
If you feel any lack of understanding under the terms of the contract, please contact the Customer Service department,
Using language
a. The website of Ellacartransfer.com provides the maximum level of service in Turkish, English, German, and Russian languages, and will be based on the Turkish language during disputes and misunderstandings that may arise during this service process,
a. Ellacartransfer.com is the vehicle between the seller and the buyer and is the intermediary between the parties purchasing and servicing the individual and group customers.
c. With this sales contract, the buyer who receives the service and the service provider are the seller and assume the responsibilities.
D. With this contract, the buyer who purchases the service (the user who purchases the service from the internet) is a contract between the Buyer (the company that actually provides the service) and the buyer is deemed to have accepted it. Ellacartransfer accepts no liability for service disputes arising therefrom.
to. The buyer declares that he or she has read and understood the basic nature of the specified contractual service, the sales price and all the preliminary information about the service in the form of payment and the electronic environment.
f. Ellacartransfer does not accept liability for damages caused by physical and psychological damages and other natural disagreements, obstacles, accidents, injuries, illnesses, hospital expenses,
f. If the seller can not provide service due to coercive reasons, the PURCHASER may use one of the right to cancel the order irrespective of the general cancellation rules or to postpone the contractual service until it is no longer available. In the event that the Purchaser cancels the order pursuant to the specified conditions, the amount paid shall be paid in full to the account in which the payment is made within 10 days.
g. Ellacartransfer.com may provide the service in order to provide this service. It may be carried out by third parties, institutions or organizations where it is served by another company or contracted company under the stated conditions.
Service process
a. Ellacartransfer.com sells transportation and transfer services for service providers.
b. If the bank or the financial institution can not pay the price of the product to Ellacartransfer.com for the reason that the credit card belonging to the PURCHASER is used unauthorizedly or illegally against unauthorized persons due to the fault of the PURCHASER after the provision of the Service by this Contract, ALICI Ellacartransfer.com (3) days prior to the date of payment.
c. This Ellacartransfer transfer voucher must be shown to the service provider during the purchase of the service and the information for return transfer must be checked and corrected if there is a mistake. It is the buyers responsibility to determine how long the turn-around time is to be indicated, and to indicate the turn-around time.
D. We advise all customers to read this contract carefully.

Responsibility during payment
Ellacartransfer provides the infrastructure to make secure maximum purchases with the necessary SSL security certificates in credit card payments. Despite this, we accept liability for unlawful transactions such as card stealing, extra money withdrawals, virus and popups It does not.

Cancel - Changes
All changes and cancellations must be reported to the Ellacartransfer office via email or fax. If the cancellation is made 48 hours before the first transfer service, the entire transfer fee will be paid to the Buyer. 50% of the service fee stated in the cancellations stated in the period between 48-24 hours to the first transfer service is refunded. No refund will be made from the service fee stated in the cancellations remaining less than 24 hours during the transfer and service. Please contact our customer service for all changes and cancellations.
All changes are to be informed via e-mail to ellarentacar@hotmail.com, the amendments include changes made before 24th of the specified service date and the date, time, meeting time, reception time, there is an extra fee charged for the availability of the service provider and for the feasibility of the change to be made.
a. Since Ellacartrans sells the product of its service provider, Ellacartransfer does not accept or accept responsibility for product defects.
b.Ellacartransfer does not accept responsibility for lost goods, extra charges, delay, accident, injury, flight attendance due to coercive elements, meeting at late check-out, extra hospital expenses, accommodation expenses, extra transportation expenses, and the insurance of the parties is responsible. Likewise, Ellacartransfer employees, directors and representatives are not directly responsible for these situations.
c. The buyer is obliged to fill in the transfer and service information themselves and all of these meeting hours, meeting place, pick-up time (at least 1 hour for domestic flights at the airport - at least 2 hours before the outside) the buyer is responsible for the delays arising from the matters and in disputes and can not claim extra cost, material and moral loss for these cases, all this information is filled in by the Buyer and made by the buyer receiving the follow-up service.
D. Service providers place importance at the meeting time and on the spot, but this is never guaranteed, extra expenses, payments, extra service and transportation costs are not accepted
to. Waiting time at the airport for the specified service is maximum 45 minutes on domestic routes. It is limited to a maximum of 60 minutes on foreign routes. there is a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes from the specified date and time for the return or hotel-to-hotel reception, from which the buyer can not claim any rights, the money will not be made.
f. It is the buyers responsibility to fill in the transfer information, and the information provided is for the buyer to be late, not to receive additional service, to miss the airline flight,
h. The transfer and service information is filled by the buyer, and due to this reason the hotel and its address are not available due to the delay of the service provider. The extra transportation and service expenses that may arise due to this are also the buyers responsibility.
I. The service provider provides services in the specified vehicle category, but this is never guaranteed, so the service provider reserves the right to change the vehicle type and category.
j. For customers coming to the meeting point by air; It is the service providers responsibility for the delays of the airline, but this is limited to 3 hours. Ellacartransfer should be contacted in 3 hours delay. Extra charges can be requested for more than 3 hours. Service will not be provided if not accepted by the buyer.
k. The time of return and meeting (Hotel-address-home) and on-site meeting with the Buyer and the waiting period is limited to 15 minutes, during which time the non-arriving customer loses his service and is not refundable, in which case customer services can not reach you responsible buyer.

All tools to be used for the specified services are the responsibility of the service provider, with legal responsibilities and authorized means and service provision.
Content change in contract and website
Ellacartransfer reserves the right to make changes in the price and information on the site with all the items in this contract, and may make such changes at any time, the users are deemed to have accepted these changes without extra notice.
Ellacartransfer is in breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; the Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any interruption, failure, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay in processing or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, alteration or use of the transaction.
Ellacartransfer agrees that it will not use the terms and conditions of this contract in illegal and unlawful acts and it is deemed that the user accepts these conditions by using the web site or by purchasing the service and the work is performed by the Consumer Arbitration Committees and Ellacartransfer.com (ELLACAR TURİZM TİC.LTD The Consumer Tribunal in the settlement of the .

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